Root Canals

There’s nothing like a bad toothache to derail your day. If you’ve ever experienced a severe toothache, you know that it can turn eating, speaking, and even smiling into a chore.

Rather than suffering through a bad toothache, come to Daybreak Dental! No matter what the cause is, we’re committed to finding a solution. Often the solution you need is a root canal; if that is the case, you can expect our usual excellent level of care and an almost immediate solution to your pain.

What Is a Root Canal?

At the center of every mature tooth is a small amount of tissue and blood vessels. This is called the tooth’s pulp. Unfortunately, it’s fairly common for this pulp to become infected if the exterior of the tooth is damaged and bacteria can access the pulp. When this infection sets in, it can be very painful!

However, mature teeth don’t need tooth pulp, which means it’s completely safe to remove this pulp if it becomes infected—and that’s exactly what a root canal does! If your tooth pulp becomes infected, your dentist will remove that pulp, clean the space left behind, and seal it to prevent future infections. 

Your dentist may also place a crown over the tooth that’s received a root canal, for even more comprehensive protection. 

Do I Need a Root Canal?

While you’ll need your dentist to confirm whether or not a root canal is the right treatment you need, the following are all signs that you might need a root canal:

  • Severe tooth pain.
  • Swollen, painful gums, particularly around a specific tooth.
  • Tooth sensitivity to temperature and touch.
  • A discolored tooth, especially one that seems to be gradually darkening. 

Any of these symptoms are a good reason to visit the dentist on their own, but when you’re experiencing more than one at a time, it’s definitely time to schedule an appointment!

Call Daybreak Dental in Austin to Treat Tooth Pain Quickly

A root canal can resolve tooth pain almost instantly. Contact us now at Daybreak Dental to schedule an appointment and resolve your tooth pain today!