Dental Technology

Technology matters in a dentist’s office, and that technology is constantly evolving and improving. Dental technology in general is geared towards making dental procedures faster, more comfortable, and less invasive. That’s why we are proud to be able to offer some of the benefits of this technology right here in our office. 

3D X-Rays

Like the name suggests, 3D x-rays are capable of showing much more than just the traditional x-ray images of teeth using a mere fraction of the radiation used in traditional imaging. These 3D x-rays can capture a highly detailed image in 360 degrees. They can show not only your teeth, but your bone structure, nerves, and soft tissues. 

With 3D x-rays, our dental team will have a much more comprehensive understanding of exactly what’s going on in your mouth and how to best treat it. These images are also saved digitally, which means they’re easier to share, save, and protect. You can expect more precise diagnoses and a more holistic approach to your dental health when your dentist uses 3D technology!

Soft Lasers

Soft dental lasers make many different procedures simpler and more comfortable. These lasers can help combat gum disease, they make it easier to work with soft tissues, and they are used in dental treatments from cleaning to tissue contouring to teeth whitening and more! 

Because these lasers seal nerve endings and blood vessels while they work, patients who have soft laser treatments experience less bleeding and discomfort than other patients will. With the improved healing times that soft tissue lasers can offer, you’ll be able to recover from your procedure and get back to your daily life in no time.

Dental Technology Designed with Our Patients in Mind

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