Wisdom Teeth

If you or a loved one haven’t had wisdom teeth removed, it’s a good idea to talk to your dentist about it. Most people can benefit from having their wisdom teeth removed, and taking the time to do it now will save a lot of hassle and dental troubles in the future. 

We can provide wisdom teeth removal that will be as easy and painless as possible, and will keep you from experiencing impacted or crowded teeth in the future.  

Why Should I Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Wisdom teeth are leftover from a time when tooth loss was much more prevalent and extra tooth were needed into adulthood. The average adult mouth doesn’t have space for wisdom teeth anymore, but that doesn’t stop those teeth from trying to move in anyway. When these teeth start to emerge, it’s almost inevitable that they will crowd their neighbors. This can ruin your bite and have a negative effect on your jaw and dental health.

In some cases, these wisdom teeth fail to erupt at all. This might sound like an improvement, but if your wisdom teeth are trying to emerge and do so at the wrong angle, they can become impacted, or trapped just under your gumline. Impacted teeth are painful! 

You can avoid the irritation of crowded teeth and the pain of impacted teeth at the same time by having your wisdom teeth removed before they become a problem. 

What Is the Wisdom Teeth Removal Process?

First, we’ll use x-rays to examine your wisdom teeth. This way, we can determine how many teeth will need to be removed, and what stage they’re at in the process or erupting. Once we know all the details, we can remove the offending teeth.

You will be completely anesthetized during the procedure, and you’ll feel little to no pain during the process. We’ll also give you all the advice and guidance you need when you leave our office so you’ll have a quick, smooth recovery.

Removing Your Wisdom Teeth Now Will Protect Your Dental Health in the Future

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