General Dentistry

We offer our general dentistry services to adults of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you’re in need of a bi-annual checkup, a filling, or aren’t even completely sure what treatment you need, we have all the dental services necessary to offer you beautiful, pain-free oral health.  

Checkups and Cleanings 

To keep your teeth and gums healthy, we recommend coming in for a cleaning and a checkup about twice a year. This is a straightforward process, but it provides long-lasting benefits that can improve your quality of life for years to come!

Taking proactive care of your teeth this way means you’ll always know what state your teeth and gums are in, and you’ll be aware of potential problems before they have time to develop. It’s always betternotto be surprised when it comes to your health! 

Fillings and Root Canals

Tooth decay may not be pleasant, but it is common. If you’re suffering from tooth pain, come to our office! Tooth decay may be the culprit. 

Our fillings and root canals are efficient ways to eliminate tooth pain almost immediately, while simultaneously protecting your teeth from future damage. We’ll leave your tooth as good as new, with a durable sealant that can match the color of your natural teeth. 


If your tooth is very badly damaged or decayed, it’s sometimes better to remove the problematic tooth completely before the problem can affect your other teeth. We may specialize in teeth and gums, but we always have your overall health in mind!

We are equipped to handle these extractions, and you can expect to be as comfortable as possible during the procedure. Our extractions will relieve pain and quickly get you feeling well again. 

We Have All the General Dentistry Services You Need for a Healthy Smile!

Contact us at Daybreak Dental for all your general dentistry needs. We’re excited to help you stay healthy and happy!